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DDL Health & fitness is owned solely and run by Darius Denis Lasrado, who also is the head coach for the same. He holds many diplomas and certifications in Sports and nutrition from many reputed Academies around the globe. Darius was an Athlete in his young age and then shifted his focus to fitness, he, later on, went on to win Bodybuilding and Fitness shows. After years of research and studies backed by science-based proven knowledge, he has changed lives not only through Fitness but also by counselling and inspiring individuals to do well in life.

Darius has worked with many professionals and also conducted seminars that have helped individuals to grow mentally and also keep their work levels high by right nutrition and fitness lifestyle.
Education and Knowledge are the keys that is how DDL fitness is one step ahead of the others.


We follow and Believe in a Very simple but Meaningful Line,



You might have tried different diet plans, followed different training routines, it worked for some time but then it did not and you might be thinking what different would DDL Health & Fitness bring into the table for you. Well, we operate on a completely different level. We concentrate on bringing more VALUE TO YOU. Just because someone looks fit on the outside with a muscular frame does not mean that he or she is healthy from the inside, our main mission is to be healthy outside as well as inside. Our approach is different for every individual and that is where we stand out in this globe. We will be personally in touch with you.

Our Process is not to make it hard for you. We want you to enjoy your journey with us and continue with us. At the end of the day, it is you who has to be benefiting.



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Are you a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist? Send us Your Cv’s to ddlhealth.fitness@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you if you meet our criteria.

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